Founder/Head The Circle of Truths

Founder/Head The COT International Wellness Center

Elite Level Light Giver

Pat began his professional life as a thought leader in IT before discovering his true gift and the true reason for entering this world. Pat was sent to this world at this time with the purpose and responsibilities of being a powerful healer and a highly enlightened spiritual guide for those across the world who are ready for their awakening.  Pat has worked with individuals suffering from serious and chronic ailments  including various forms and stages of cancer for which he has seen some outstanding results.  Some of these results can be found in the testimonials on this site.

Pat now leads the Circle of Truths and the COT International Wellness Center with the goal of spreading light into the world and to allow each and everyone of us to see their light and to see the light within others.


Annalisa Bahadur

BS, Psychology, Life coach, Nutrition and Reiki

New York, USA

Head Psychologist, and Holistic Therapies and life styles

Annalisa Bahadur is a certified life, holistic and Health coach who helps individuals transition from unhealthy places to a more balanced approached to wellness.


 Tom Alexander

Florida USA

Head of Production

Tom Alexander is Director of Production at Circle of Truths. For more than twenty-five years he’s been a writer, broadcaster, and composer. He has hosted and produced nationally syndicated radio shows for CBS Radio and Yahoo! Sports Radio, written screenplays, and composed music for television and film. Tom is the creative force that delivers our broadcast content.