Pat is a Light Worker, Healer, Speaker, Guide and able to remove unclean or unwanted spirt or energies.


Cancer Patients

Pat has worked with dozens of cancer (stage 1 – 4) patients suffering from such cancers as: lung, breast, brain, kidney, liver, stomach, ovarian, prostate, intestinal, etc.  

Non cancer 

Crohn’s disease, Shingles, Cataracts, Migraines, etc.

Physical Trauma

Pat has also worked with indivuals suffering from trauma suffered from physical injuries such as back and joint conditions. 

Negative or Unclean Spirits

Pat works with individuals who are being besieged by negative spirits and energy and he has been successful in removing even the darkest of these unwanted and unclean energies and spirits 

Spirt journeys, Past Lives and connecting to Spirit

Pat not only works with the physical body but Pat also work with the individual to establish a deeper connection to  spirit.

Pat works with individuals in such a way where they get their spiritual connection directly as opposed to the more ‘traditional’ method of a medium telling you what they saw.  These messages tend to be deeper more meaningful because spirit has no privacy concerns when interacting directly with the target of a message. and the target of the message also need not worry about, did the reader translate my message correctly.

Individuals who work with Pat connect directly to loved ones that have passed or who may also be living.  This is done without the retelling or interpretation of Pat and no skill from that individual is required.  Pat’s energies allow for the individual to connect to source directly.  Individuals also take spirit journeys where they may experience past lives or future events that may have a impact on their lives.  At the conclusion of your experience with Pat you get what you need and what you are ready for, be it a physical healing, a direct message from a loved one, or a message from the past, a past life experience, or a warning of the future


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  1. Hi Pat,
    I am experiencing some trouble with your website. hoping you will find this message as I am interested in having some energy work. Hope to hear from you soon, Bianca

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