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Energy Healing

Pat has worked for years as a successful energy heater, working with individuals suffering from a wide range of ailments, from back pain to stage 4 cancers with remarkable results. Pat works with individuals both in person or remotely.  To book an appointment for an assessment simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page

Energy healing testimonials:

Donna says:

I have worked with Pat over the years and I am grateful for Pat’s help in beating what my doctors had described as pretty much the end of the road cancer diagnosis, stage 3-4 Breast cancer which had metastasized. But that is not what I wanted to share with today.

Just a few months ago I received a call from my niece who I had not seen in almost a life time. She called me and told me that the night before she was
awoken in the middle of the night by 3 visitors who she described as spirits, although she said that they appeared solid and tangible in every way she felt that she could just reach out and touch them as well as be touched my them. The first 2 of the 3 were my parents, her grandparents. The third visitor was someone who she had never seen before. After my niece described the third individual I knew right away 100% who it was. it was Pat.

My niece then told me that Pat had brought my parents in the room with her and kept repeating throughout the night almost like a mantra call Donna. Over and over for several hours. My niece went on to tell me that she was so shocked but not terrified, but perhaps a tiny bit afraid, that she didn’t know how to react. My niece also told me that she was not religious nor did she believe in ghosts but she could not deny what she saw. after several hours of my parents repeating over and over again for her to call me. My niece finally said “ok” she would call me and with that my niece said that Pat then gathered up my parents and left. As I spoke to my niece further she let it me know that she has now been diagnosed with breast cancer; just as I was, and just as how cancer took several women in my family including my mother sister. I am certain that somehow Pat or a higher form of Pat reached out to her and brought my dead parents with him in order to help my niece.


 Energy Clearing


Pat works with individuals to clear the individual of unwanted energies sometime in the form of raw negative energies other times in the form of unclean or negative spirits with impure motives. To book and appointment with pat please fill out the form below at the bottom of this page:



Brett says: January 26, 2015 at 1:00 pm

I have been a sensitive for many years and on one evening Pat asked me to ask my guides in mediation who he was and see what I could learn. When I was able to speak to my guides they spoke to me in the language of the bible and this is what they said to me.
On that day, God gathered his angels around him, and he asked them, “what would you have us do on this glorious day?” The angels looked at each other, then in unison said, “Let us create something spectacular!” So God reached into himself, and took a small piece of his heart. He formed the piece of his heart into a tree. God then asked the angels, “Where shall we place this new creation of ours?” The angels cried, “Put it in the centre of the Garden of Heaven!!” So God planted the tree in the centre of the Garden of Heaven, and the angels were overjoyed.
In their joy, the angels gave to celebrating with a special jubilee, and the angels shouted in praise,” Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia Praise Hosana in the highest!” As time went on, the tree grew in the centre of the Garden of Heaven. It was a tree without a season, and it continually blossomed, and brought forth fruit. The angels would take rest underneath the shade of the tree, and find nourishment in the fruit the tree brought forth. The angels would even bring the fruit of the tree to the faithful of God on the Earth. The tree grew tall and strong in the site of God, and the Heavenly Host, and the tree was a symbol of God’s wisdom and love. This story was given to all of God’s faithful with love and light.


Understanding our true existence and Past Lives

Many of us are fascinated with the possibility of past lives, Pat allows you to experience past lives from those lives which are allowed to come through in order to assist you on your journey.

Past Life Testimonials

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke says:

Hi Friends! I will summarize my rather amazing recent co-meditation experience below, which occurred as a result of my being ill with a terrible flu. Patrick generously offered to enter a meditative state (while I did the same) for healing purposes…and this is what happened: As I began to sit in meditation (exactly at 8:00 PM), I immediately (much more rapidly than usual) went into a very deep level of consciousness, and became aware of my body – both as an observer and experiencer. I began to feel a beam of green energy pouring out of my heart Chakra, followed by a vision of a green, crystalline “Lotus” forming on the exterior of my chest (almost like a “focusing device”, if that makes any sense). Suddenly, I seemed to be in another, weightless dimension (although still sitting in meditation – observing and experiencing) and the crystal Lotus “device” began shooting out beams of green energy and I could see and feel countless people from different times, ethnicities and planets being “healed” – it was almost as if I were viewing my soul’s healing path for millenia. Then – seamlessly, I was transported to a medieval European farm and due to the clothing and primitive farm implements, perhaps sometime in pre-renaissance Europe. I was directing/involved in a big project of harvesting and drying all of the herbs and plants that I would need for my “work” as a healer. I could see my work space in absolute detail, as well as my stocky body and wimple. I was also aware that I could barely breath as all of the microscopic pollens and spores flew around (which I could also see), and I became aware that this was the point if origin for my many episodes of bronchitis and pneumonia throughout my present life. Finally (and again, instantly) I was back in present time, sitting in meditation and hyper-aware. I than began to feel a huge weight, or pressure on top of my Crown Chakra – the weight became heavier, and it felt almost like a “helmet”. The weight then began to transform into energy/electricity and flow down the length of my body, at which point all of my Chakra points (and 3rd eye/pineal gland) began to “buzz” intensely. As soon as that sensation subsided, my 15 minutes were up, and I naturally emerged from my meditative state. All that I can say is “WOW”!!!! I was completely well in about two days – about a week plus faster than one would expect to recover from such a serious influenza. There can be no doubt that Patrick is a gifted, spiritual healer!!

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