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  1. After being told that I should not expect to make it much past Christmas, the news that came my way in late November was that the tumours in my system had stopped growing, were dying and shrinking.

    There are a number of miracles in play here – prayer, great doctors and a great support system including the work and the positive insights offered by Patrick.

    I love the sessions and it is uncanny how accurately we connect.
    Here’s to Christmas 2017!

  2. I have worked with Pat over the years and I am grateful for Pat’s help in beating what my doctors had described as pretty much the end of the road cancer diagnosis, stage 3-4 Breast cancer which had metastasized. But that is not what I wanted to share with today.

    Just a few months ago I received a call from my niece who I had not seen in almost a life time. She called me and told me that the night before she was
    awoken in the middle of the night by 3 visitors who she described as spirits, although she said that they appeared solid and tangible in every way she felt that she could just reach out and touch them as well as be touched my them. The first 2 of the 3 were my parents, her grandparents. The third visitor was someone who she had never seen before. After my niece described the third individual I knew right away 100% who it was. it was Pat.

    My niece then told me that Pat had brought my parents in the room with her and kept repeating throughout the night almost like a mantra call Donna. Over and over for several hours. My niece went on to tell me that she was so shocked but not terrified, but perhaps a tiny bit afraid, that she didn’t know how to react. My niece also told me that she was not religious nor did she believe in ghosts but she could not deny what she saw. after several hours of my parents repeating over and over again for her to call me. My niece finally said “ok” she would call me and with that my niece said that Pat then gathered up my parents and left. As I spoke to my niece further she let it me know that she has now been diagnosed with breast cancer; just as I was, and just as how cancer took several women in my family including my mother sister. I am certain that somehow Pat or a higher form of Pat reached out to her and brought my dead parents with him in order to help my niece.

  3. Hi,

    I had a session with Patrick on Sept. 29, 2016. I was a relaxing and an experience I do not regret.
    I enjoyed the the fact I was able to go to my happy place with a peaceful mind.
    I also want to share that once my session was completed reality was a hard place to return to and it was evident from the tears I shed and not aware of until felt and the release.
    On exit to my car I shared with Patrick an issue with my eyes that he did not know. I told him my eyes can see clearly now as with before they were giving me a bit of a problem. I thought I may need an eye lazer touch up but now after the session I can see the distance clearly and confidently again. I was beaming and drove away a happy person.

  4. As you can imagine, once you have been given a diagnosis of a potentially terminal disease, your emotions embark on the wildest roller coaster rides of your life. One underlying theme to all of this is the notion of ‘relevance’. My mother passed away last year at age 94. She had survived a Nazi Labour camp and a scheduled execution after two weeks in solitary.
    When she passed on, her experience was no longer relevant to a society where WWII might just as well be a computer game and where most of her peers had pre-deceased her.
    I feel this lack of relevance on two levels; first of all because I am 63 years old and in a society where my generation’s glory days are gone and secondly because I now have this Sword of Damocles hanging over my head which most of my associates do not. Because it seems that my path might be different from theirs, I feel a sense of being ostracised because our common goals appear to have deviated and I am no longer relevant in their eschatologies … for the time being.

    1. Thanks for your comments Mike; some important things to remember. Each and everyone of us is on a exciting and unique journey. No 2 beings share the same journey otherwise one of us would never have been needed to come into this world.

      Another point to keep in mind is that relevance is a inward discussion and not an outward discussion only you are the judge of how ‘relevant’ you are no one can determine for you what your relevance is. One should never look to others to determine their own relevance and sense of worth. And lastly, as you and I have discussed during our sessions. This stage of your journey coupled with the medical treatments that you are undergoing, will tend to cause extreme mood swings one minute you are at a peak where you look up to the sky and beat your chest and say “I can beat this” and the next day you descend into the valley of defeat and despair; I call this valley the pit of “why me” and “I don’t want to fight anymore”. And then the next day after that you are at the peak again, once again beating you chest ready to conquer your illness.

      What you must do is recognize that you are on this journey where you are facing an long term illness which will constantly move you between peaks before sliding you down into the valley only to begin the cycle again. Recognise that these valleys and peaks are normal and apart of your journey. When you are in the valleys remind yourself that you are in a valley and that at some point you will be at the peak again.

  5. I’m a Guy With Sarcoma – GSW from here on in
    -I will be placing random thoughts, experiences on this site
    -Perhaps someone will find something of value
    -In The Beginning – The sarcoma was discovered on my right inner
    thigh after a left sided hip replacement
    -6 weeks later it was radiation for five weeks – then a tumour
    removal procedure in November
    -The tumour was the size of a football
    -I appeared to be cancer-free until just last week when after
    succumbing to an infection in the wound secondary tests showed that the sarcoma had spread to my lungs

    Now I am in for the fight of my life – not only do I not
    want to die, I also want to live

    Until next time, be real
    – Cheers,
    – GSW

    1. Thanks for sharing, you might always want to share for others the process that use to connect and what your experience’s have been

  6. I’ve been around the spiritualist movement for about 18 years. I like to try out different healers, mediums and psychics. You could say it’s my thing. Spiritual healing has assisted me greatly with all the health problems I’ve had to endure.
    I heard about Patrick from a friend and decided to give him a try. In my first session he saw one of my health issues very clearly. He also brought through my mother and and an Uncle that I had only heard of. Patrick is the real deal. Very sincere and not ego driven.

  7. As a person that always seems to find himself on a quest to find a higher power, or a calling from above.
    I was lead to the remote connections… A bit of a skeptic at first until we began.
    By the time the conection was over I almost felt like I had been mentally handled.
    Patrick knew things and saw things that only my inner being would have known… I was in awe of the process…
    we all as people want a helping hand, we all want the advantage in life I think this is that..
    I humbly recommend this to anybody willing to give your self thirty minutes of peace

    Good Bless Justin Baker

  8. I had a physical healing with Pat and he took me through a guided meditation that was so powerful. I was met at the entrance to a beautiful garden by a little girl with golden hair. She took my hand as we smelled the flowers and felt the sunshine. I was guided to a babbling brook and had a seat. I looked across to the other side and saw my grandfather. He said he was sorry. He had done terrible things to me. I felt great relief. The little girl took my hand and we skipped back to the entrance. I looked down at this little girl and said goodby.
    After the session Pat and I agreed that the little girl was me and I received the words I was looking for from my grandfather all this time. Pat made me feel safe through this journey,
    Thank you

  9. “The question that you need to both ask and answer yourself is, ‘Do I really want to live’?”

    It was as if the air had been sucked out of me in that split-second.

    “Because if you do not want to live, there is nothing that the doctors can do,” continued Pat.

    I had never met him prior to the introductory phone conversation that we were engaging in that very instant, but Patrick was right on the money in this respect.

    At the end of that phone call, we determined a time, date and place for both distance and hands-on touch healing sessions to deal with my sarcoma issue.

    I did indeed experience feeling sensations of heat during the remote sessions and Patrick was also able to locate me in my special spiritual sanctuary.

    Intermittent dialogues between us since my medical procedure have also brought me to a wider spiritual perspective and have given me greater insights into to the universe around me.

    Thank you Patrick.

  10. I have just had a healing with Patrick and meditated while he worked on me.i was taken to the top of a mountain with illuminated flowers and herbs.I could smell them.I saw clouds in the distance and it was very bright.the air was clean and cold Yet I was hot in my physical self.I feel that this is what Patrick was sending me

  11. I have been a sensitive for many years and on one evening Pat asked me to ask my guides in mediation who he was and see what I could learn. When I was able to speak to my guides they spoke to me in the language of the bible and this is what they said to me.

    On that day, God gathered his angels around him, and he asked them, “what would you have us do on this glorious day?” The angels looked at each other, then in unison said, “Let us create something spectacular!” So God reached into himself, and took a small piece of his heart. He formed the piece of his heart into a tree. God then asked the angels, “Where shall we place this new creation of ours?” The angels cried, “Put it in the centre of the Garden of Heaven!!” So God planted the tree in the centre of the Garden of Heaven, and the angels were overjoyed.
    In their joy, the angels gave to celebrating with a special jubilee, and the angels shouted in praise,” Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia Praise Hosana in the highest!” As time went on, the tree grew in the centre of the Garden of Heaven. It was a tree without a season, and it continually blossomed, and brought forth fruit. The angels would take rest underneath the shade of the tree, and find nourishment in the fruit the tree brought forth. The angels would even bring the fruit of the tree to the faithful of God on the Earth. The tree grew tall and strong in the site of God, and the Heavenly Host, and the tree was a symbol of God’s wisdom and love. This story was given to all of God’s faithful with love and light.

  12. Pat had worked with me on several occasions. After one of these occasions I had asked Pat to tell more about how he does what he is able to do. Pat told me that I should pray or mediate on it and the answers might come. A few nights later I began to pray as Pat had instructed and in about 15 min into my prayers I could see Pat.
    Pat was kneeling on a green carpet surrounded by 5-7 large beings that were at least 7ft tall. The green carpet that Pat was on has significant meaning in my culture. Green signifies the holiest of the holy; the Carpet that Pat was on was about 4” 7ft and it was a majestic green and sparkled brightly. The beings that circled Pat as he was kneeling on the carpet wore dark blue clothes. Every one of these being gave of a sense of holy power surpassed only by that who some might refer to as god the creator of all. As they stood around Pat they all held a closed book in their hands except for one of them; the tallest one, that stood directly in front of Pat. This one’s book was open. This individual seemed to be the greater authority within the group both in size, power and responsibility. One by one the beings around Pat would speak directly to Pat and then Pat would nod his head in acceptance. After each time Pat nodded his head the tallest individual who was directly in front of Pat and the only one with an opened book would write something in his book. These beings in my culture were the ones who were between god and the rest of creation and it looked like they were taking Pat in as one of their own.
    As I kneeled about 4 feet away from Pat and the tallest individual with the short hair, I decided to ask the individual, “Who is that and what is going on?” the being glared at me for a split second. In that split second he gave me the impression that “You are unworthy to be here; be thank-full that you are even present to witness this holy event! And do not disturb us again!” During the entire process the beings seemed joyful during the proceeding. Throughout the process I struggled to hear what was going on but I could not hear. I knew that words were being spoken but it was like mixing sugar and water which is an expression in my culture meaning that is was not meant to be mixed. The entire process that I was watching seemed to be an acceptance process where these beings were agreeing to accept Pat as one of them. It seemed that each of the beings were voting yes and then giving the reasons why they voted yes, they also seemed to be giving Pat the rules and asking him if he understood the rules followed by Pat nodding his head in acceptance. When it came to the final being the tallest individual with short hair, he seemed to indicate that he to accepted Pat and they he too followed with his reason why. Shortly after that my vision ended. At the end of the process I instantly understood that the only reason that I was allowed to witness this holy event was I was meant to bring back this information to Pat, I feel that there was no way I would have been allowed to bear witness to any of this if not for Pat’s instructions, Even so I was only given the small understanding of what happened, I was allowed only a glimpse and not allowed to hear or experience the full event.

  13. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My website is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would truly benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Thanks a lot!

  14. Hello,

    Lots of energetic changes with the planetary grid. Technology I feel is one of the biggest culprits, breaking down the human connection with one another, the attachment to technological devices does not replace the connection we have as human beings with one another. A text cannot give you a hug, a warm smile or comforting words. Some may disagree, if its already there possibly so but not as a substitute for human communication on a soul level.

    As humans we have to rise up as people did in the 60’s and bring this planet back to some serious basics. We need to rejuvenate our souls we have become detached from this. Some of us have awareness and some do not.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Indira – Brampton, Ontario

    1. I think Technology is like any other tool. it can be used to make life easier or to do harm. the end result is determined by how we wish to use the tool.

  15. Last night I could see myself on a table like
    in an Operating room. I could see your outline of your body illuminating with a glow including your hands as you touched my forehead, neck and throat, the energy was being pulled down toward my feet. I could feel some sensation in my knees and feet, where some of my problems have been. You were at the base of my head and
    focusing at the head, neck and throat level, Reiki postions of the hands and movement.

    Tracey G. – Guelph, Ontario
    Oct 1 2014

  16. Patrick came into our work place for Games Night . Thank you for my boss arranging this . This is our time to relax after a busy summer at our work place . Patrick first stared with Mediation . I can say for my experience I felt relax , and even one moment Patrick told us to imagine a waterfall ( I believe ) I could image my putting my feet in the water . I felt after mediation I was totally in the silence with my self, and in that moment . Next Patrick asked does anyone want to try Reiki. I felt from that experience was relaxed . But there times I could feel the heat ( energy ) . Epically when Patrick to switch sides.
    Thank you

  17. Sunday August 31, Pat was the speaker at Eternal Life Spiritual Center in Whitby. He was giving an excellent talk on the relationship between individuals and the Universal Intelligence, which most of believe in as God. While Pat was speaking, I saw his angel, which he wrote about in his book STILL NOTHING. The angel is at least 9 feet in height, very strong and muscular looking with armor. A very intense and serious looking entity. In its presence, a person would know that there is truly something more in this world than just the physical, the secular. The angel that looks after Pat is very powerful, and I believe even the most skeptical person, who has not allowed the magic of the creator in his/her heart, would be able to sense Pat’s angel. I believe that this world has a lot to go through, before humanity in its entirety really and truly embraces concepts that Pat puts forward on his blog. Keep your eyes and heart open, and look for your angels. I think if you open yourself up, you will see Divine glory for yourself.

  18. Patrick,

    Your awareness, as shown by your response to my comment (by who and what you are) is dead on: I am definitely sensitive to spiritual energy. That’s been with me since my teens. It can be quite *shut off* at times too; makes me crazy when I miss some of the most obvious things/events that creep right in and pop up ‘unexpected’.

    Also, directly relating to another part of your response, Lesley and I have discussed the exact question you posed. I can’t speak for Lesley directly, but I think she and I are on the same page: we feel that my sensitivity or psy abilities attracted the attention of alien life forms. We further feel that, since we embarked on my hypnosis sessions (three years ago or so), my sensitivity has increased –certainly, her own has– and it’s taking on different forms than it ever did.

    Many thanks for your response.


    1. Wes, perhaps one day you and Lesley might pay a visit to my home. it is common for individuals to come to my home and see either loved ones that have passed or deceased beings of religious/spiritual significance.

      It is also quite common to see strange moving lights over my home at night. My family is very much used to it, to the point were they treat the strange moving lights as casually as one would view moving cars on the street.

      My family also treats the spiritual encounters that occur around our home as common place and not a big deal. Guest have seen everything from angels to the Virgin Mary but not as ‘energy beings’ but seeing these beings as ‘solid’ almost flesh.

      My 2 books are full of some of the weirdness that surrounds my life


      1. Patrick, that would be great. Thank you for the offer. I’ve seen orbs for, well, a very long time; I will look forward to whatever/whomever I would see 🙂 Some of my closest friends and family members remind me of what you said about your family: they are quite comfortable with spiritual ‘comings and goings’. I never take them for granted, but they do happen often enough.

        Perhaps on the event of a visit, you’d be open for a book signing?


    2. I forgot to ask this question: your comment “(by who and what you are)”, I always ask sensitive’s to give their opinion on who and what am I.

      Now I ask you, based upon what you feel, sense, believe “who/what” do you believe I am?

      1. I need to give this question more reflective thought … but I am certainly willing to share with you how I perceive you. No guarantees they will hold the kind of accuracy you’re able to come up with! 🙂

  19. It was great to have Patrick on our show! He presents a very believable, sober, and informed perspective. I know Lesley (our host) has experienced Patrick’s energy first-hand, and I recall that night, while in Lesley’s studio doing the show live, that I tangibly felt his energy. Amazing!

    We encourage you to head over to the show site Patrick lists above, and download it or listen to it in your browser. We look forward to Patrick’s next appearance on CONTACT, which if I’m not mistaken, has already been booked!

    Wes Roberts
    Contact Producer / Co-Host / Abductee and Experiencer

    1. Thanks Wes it was great being on your show and I look forward to my return visit. The odd thing about the energy you felt was that usually only people who are sensitive to ‘spiritual’ energy can feel or in some cases see my energy, without me having to consciously direct it at them. You might have some untapped ability that you might want to explore. This though experiment opens up a new direction of exploration, perhaps there is a link between sensitizes and abductees, perhaps Abductees are not ‘chosen’ randomly… perhaps abductees are ‘chosen’ because they are sensitive.

  20. I always felt very tired and was getting very concerned. I spoke to Patrick and he connected with me. Since this connection I felt a lot more energetic and about 50 lbs lighter. It must be the black ‘stuff’ that Patrick saw leaving my body. Patrick has been such an inspiration to me to try and quit smoking as he always mentions he sees my throat. I look at this as a warning before anything truly develops. Thanks for this Patrick. I feel so lucky to have met you.

  21. Hi Friends! I will summarize my rather amazing recent co-meditation experience below, which occurred as a result of my being ill with a terrible flu. Patrick generously offered to enter a meditative state (while I did the same) for healing purposes…and this is what happened: As I began to sit in meditation (exactly at 8:00 PM), I immediately (much more rapidly than usual) went into a very deep level of consciousness, and became aware of my body – both as an observer and experiencer. I began to feel a beam of green energy pouring out of my heart Chakra, followed by a vision of a green, crystalline “Lotus” forming on the exterior of my chest (almost like a “focusing device”, if that makes any sense). Suddenly, I seemed to be in another, weightless dimension (although still sitting in meditation – observing and experiencing) and the crystal Lotus “device” began shooting out beams of green energy and I could see and feel countless people from different times, ethnicities and planets being “healed” – it was almost as if I were viewing my soul’s healing path for millenia. Then – seamlessly, I was transported to a medieval European farm and due to the clothing and primitive farm implements, perhaps sometime in pre-renaissance Europe. I was directing/involved in a big project of harvesting and drying all of the herbs and plants that I would need for my “work” as a healer. I could see my work space in absolute detail, as well as my stocky body and wimple. I was also aware that I could barely breath as all of the microscopic pollens and spores flew around (which I could also see), and I became aware that this was the point if origin for my many episodes of bronchitis and pneumonia throughout my present life. Finally (and again, instantly) I was back in present time, sitting in meditation and hyper-aware. I than began to feel a huge weight, or pressure on top of my Crown Chakra – the weight became heavier, and it felt almost like a “helmet”. The weight then began to transform into energy/electricity and flow down the length of my body, at which point all of my Chakra points (and 3rd eye/pineal gland) began to “buzz” intensely. As soon as that sensation subsided, my 15 minutes were up, and I naturally emerged from my meditative state. All that I can say is “WOW”!!!! I was completely well in about two days – about a week plus faster than one would expect to recover from such a serious influenza. There can be no doubt that Patrick is a gifted, spiritual healer!!

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Thanks Lesley, it was a pleasure connecting to you. The pressure that you felt on your head was my hand. I had my hand remotely and energetically on you head. I then sent energy downwards into your body.

      Your trip through time and space was a result you moving through my aura with intention. People who I connect to get what they need; not what they want and most importantly what they are ready for at whatever stage in their life that they are at. Thank you for confirming the individual that I saw around you, I wasn’t sure who it was but you confirmed that it was your father

  22. Patrick Powell delivered an interesting and eloquent talk at the Eternal Life Spiritual Centre’s Sunday Service on May 18th 2014. He spoke about his philosophical journey from atheism to spiritualism over a 3 year period; and, as a person grounded in logic, he was compelled to search further for answers to intangible spiritual events. Judging by the congregation’s response, Patrick’s talk was both entertaining and inspirational. Thank you for speaking at our Centre Patrick!

  23. I have been having health issues since I gave birth to my twins in 2004,and have been on oxygen since 2008. During one of me & my husband’s conversation with
    Patrick, he offered to give me a healing session. I was all for it. We spoke a couple
    of days later & he said he would be visiting me that night. Now we live in Pennsylvania, so we were very interested to see how this would turn out. As I was
    laying in bed that night I felt an unusual heaviness and warmth in my chest. This lasted for a few minutes and then I fell into a very restful sleep. Patrick called me the next morning.I told him what I felt and he said he had his hand in my chest moving things around. He said I should him one my organs and that I had 2 energies around me. One was a very bright light and the other he described was my grandmother whom he never met. I look forward to more sessions with him. He is truly gifted.

  24. We were all at my son’s basketball tournament, including my parents, in Niagara Falls where we sat with Patrick, the basketball coach and friend, and his wife Nichola. My parents started chatting with Pat and Nichola and the subject of my mom’s pains and Osteo Arthritis came up. They chatted about that for a while then the subject of Patrick’s extraordinary and special powers arose. We were astounded by the special gift that Patrick has while he spoke of all his experiences and all that he has been able to do to help people. My mom said she automatically felt a connection with Patrick and could relate to everything that Patrick was saying. At the end she said she couldn’t help but tell him that she loves him. She kept saying how special he is throughout our stay in Niagara, and to this day as well. Anyhow, about 2 months ago I was speaking to Patrick and he asked how my mom was doing and I told him that she is still in a lot of pain. I asked him to keep praying for her as I know he would do anything to help anyone. This one day about a month ago I heard my parents talking about a light, about the size of a dime, travelling all over my mom;’s body one night while laying in bed. In addition to the light she also felt extraordinarily warm. My dad could also see the light so he went to the window and looked outside to see if someone was shining a light through the blinds. No one was there. They couldn’t figure out what the light was so my mom got up and went to the washroom. To their surprise the light stayed on my mom and did not move off of her. They seemed so concerned while talking about this and I too could not stop thinking about it and what it could have been. It then dawned on me that I will ask Patrick, if by chance, he was praying for my mom on that day and time. Patrick confirmed he was!! Furthermore, the next day following the day of the light on my mom she did feel a relief with her aches and pains. My mom now calls Patrick a “true angel”.

    Anyone would be truly blessed to have Patrick Powell as a friend. He has such a peaceful aura. He is truly a special person and God has definitely given him these “special powers” for a reason. It is also such a nice and comforting feeling, as a mother, to know that my son, André, has such an amazing role model as a basketball coach and a friend/Uncle. André loves Patrick and feels so comfortable with him. Thank-you !!

    Patrick, you truly are a blessing on this earth and it was such a pleasure reading your book and learning more about you and all that you have gone through and experienced. Can’t wait for the next book !!


  25. Mr. Powell spoke at our church about his life and his spiritual experiences. He was an engaging speaker and very interesting to listen to. After the service, he was swamped by attendees and the copies of his book nearly sold out. We have booked him to come again in 2014.

  26. As teenager I was diagnosed with crohn’s disease, and after many years of learning how to deal with it and accept it I had come to a point in my life recently where I wanted to be in charge of my life and that included my health. I had been thinking and research may alternative methods that would help me in my recovery, something that I hadn’t shared with anyone. Recently during a morning coffee break with a friend I stumbled upon a promising remedy. Thru a friend I was fortunate to learn of Patrick. I was eager to speak with him and see if he was able to help me in my healing.
    My friend arranged for Patrick and me to connect and speak. My first dealing with Patrick was brief and only lasted a few minutes. Our conversation was generic and I didn’t share any personal details with him. Patrick and I made arrangements to work together. The first evening I laid quietly trying to focus on nothing as Patrick suggested, but unable to settle as I was a bit nervous and unsure what to expect . As I was lying quietly on the couch I started to become more and more relaxed. I laid on the couch with my arms crossed over my chest. As I lay there still, and clearing my mind of nothing I noticed that my torso was growing hot. As the minutes passed my torso from my neck to my stomach grew hotter and hotter. I uncrossed my arms to try and cool myself, but I noticed that this heat radiated down my left leg to my ankle. The heat grew more and more intense. After laying there for about 15 minute I sat up and felt so relaxed, more relaxed than I had felt in a very long time. I then headed to bed. As I was washing up for bed I noticed that my torso was extremely hot to the touch so was the back of the arms, yet the top of my arms were freezing. My left leg was the same way, hot to the touch on the back, and freezing to touch on the upper side. I found this very odd as I had never experienced such a thing. I went to bed, and that evening and the heat continued during the night.
    The next morning I woke up and felt a sense of peace and at ease. Later that morning Patrick called to speak with me. I explained to him that my torso became very hot and my left leg was the same. Patrick stated that it was him and his energy. He then went on to tell me what he saw. He said immediately he saw my esophagus and followed it down to my stomach. He said that it was of great concern and told me that I had something wrong with my stomach, that there was lots of inflammation that he could see; he was unable to tell me exactly what was wrong, but that my digestive system was a mess. I was stunned. How did Patrick know this? He and I had never met, and yet we had spoken once before, how was it that he knew such an intimate detail about me? Going into this process I was had my reservations about this, but after such a powerful statement from Patrick I was sold. I asked Patrick if he was able to help me further with my healing, and he was more than happy to oblige. I look forward to working with Pat, and a happy and health future medication/complication free.

  27. May 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which had spread to my bone and lungs, pat knew I had cancer but didn’t know when I was having surgery. Pat was helping spiritually as I was going through this journey alone. Pat was connecting with my father who had passed.
    June 25 2012 was the day of my surgery, as I lay sleeping at around 4:30 my deceased dad came to me held my hand and told me I would be fine then he left.
    As I went through the healing process Pat worked on healing me, he explained what he would be working energetically on me remotely, me in my bed room and he in his own home. He told me not to be scared and just relax; think of nothing and do nothing. There where nights when I knew he was working on me because at this time spirits would come to me and one night a room full of people appeared I knew them but could not see their full faces. There was a bright glow in the room and they called me to come to them but at that time I said not now.
    I knew every night that Pat worked on me remotely because I would feel extreme heat that would wake me out of my sleep and then the candles in the room would flicker. My dogs would also become unsettled and growly and then suddenly calm down. This happened many nights as Pat worked on me remotely. In the days that followed I would call or Pat would call me every few days and each time I would tell him. You were working on me last night, 2 nights ago and on last Sunday. I knew each time that Pat worked on me because the events repeated themselves almost exactly every night he did. On one particular night while Pat worked on me the heat was so unbearable it was like being in the hottest of all saunas I looked at the time and it was just after 9:30 PM. The heat was so intense I had to strip down to my underwear and open all the windows in by bedroom but that didn’t make a difference. When my family came to investigate why the house was so much colder they came to my bedroom and found that I had the windows open in the middle of winter but yet I was still boiling up. My son brought several bags of ice to cool me down and covered me from head to toe with ice. All the while that my son packed bag after bag of ice on me I smiled because I knew what was happening, Pat was working on me again. The next day when I called Pat he told me that he was working on me between 9:30 and 10:30 PM.

    During this time I was getting good news from my oncologist who in the beginning of my treatment was not overly optimistic but now the cancer had stopped spreading I was feeling better and he told me that the cancer looked to be under control

      1. Bob,
        I am feeling great. Cured not sure, but Pat has helped me beyond belief. I take his energy when needed.
        Thank you for asking.
        Regards, Donna

  28. My dad had been quite ill with colon cancer and other ailments for about 10 years. I asked Patrick if he could do a remote healing on my dad and he said he would. We book the appointment for the following Tuesday evening at 9:30 p.m. Because Patrick had not met my father, he was going to use me to reach my father. He requested that my dad and I go into a dark room of our homes and get comfortable. Shortly after 9:30 p.m., I started to get warm to the point where I felt like I was in a sauna. I also experienced seeing beautiful balls of light moving in and out of one another. I later found out that Patrick had asked my ancestors to intervene with my dad’s healing. That night I slept peacefully. Usually, I’m up one or two times throughout the night. However, that night I slept well. My dad had a similar experience. Because of the amount of pain my dad was in, he would usually take medication before he went to bed and at 4:00 a.m. My mom said that night when Patrick did the remote healing, my dad slept peacefully without taking any medication that night. Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013 (Family Day), my dad transitioned peacefully with all the family around him.

  29. I guess I should describe myself as an open minded skeptic, if I can use that contradiction in terms. I believe all is possible — but — with everyone and their brother claiming to have this power or that ability, I need to see it or experience it first hand. I guess I’ve grown a bit hardened over the years.

    When Patrick Powell suggested we conduct an experiment, I was certainly eager to try, but I had my doubts. Those doubts came from a life of seeing hoaxes perpetrated by snake oil salesman who claim they can travel across centuries without leaving their den, or by nice, well meaning people who give it the “old college try” but come up short.

    Patrick Powell is different.

    In a brief sentence — Something happened.

    I had never experienced this before. I was asked to relax in a dark room around 10:00 PM. I chose my bedroom. I lay on the bed at first with my eyes open. After a couple minutes, I closed them. At Patrick’s request, I made every effort to relax completely and shut out any thoughts or expectations.

    That’s when I experienced something unusual.

    I saw pulsating white wisps. At first I thought it was just eye fatigue after a long day. But this wasn’t eye fatigue. These shapes I saw acted completely different than your garden variety “floaters” opthamologists see in their patients.

    About a minute later the white wisps disappeared and were replaced by darker, pulsating black waves going in multiple directions. I began to feel my face get flushed. I couldn’t help but start “thinking” and perhaps “over thinking” what was happening. After all, I had no experience to compare this to. I knew I was surrounded by some kind (or kinds) of entities. Admittedly, I was a little fearful. Again, this was new territory for me. I let the experience envelope me for a few more minutes, then I chose to stop.

    When I did stop, I felt a bit buzzed. Almost like a camomile tea overdose, if that makes any sense. I had complete clarity, just a sense of heavy relaxation. I went into my office to write Patrick immediately. For about thirty minutes, I remained in that relaxed state. The flushed feeling lifted in about the same time span as well.

    My father died in 1986. There probably hasn’t been a day since his passing that I haven’t thought of him at least once. I had a feeling it was my dad, and possibly his younger brother reaching out to me. Patrick confirmed my suspicion, as he felt the same thing.

    I’d like to try again.

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